I am the sort of person who, when they watch something and when I begin to like it I want to do it. The same has happened since watching documentaries.

However i have always enjoyed making videos, and generally I enjoy knowing that people have watched or read something i have created, it is a exhauberating feeling.

Anyway, I will cut to the chase. I have had an idea for a documentary and will start trying to see if it can be done. In essence it revolves around the last year of A-levels and applying for university. I will record the year running up to my leaving date and then focus on key points. This will mean recording struggles for deadlines, the application process and any difficulties that will arrive. I feel because of my average nature it will be quite a hit to others applying the year after me and it will work as a learning curve. It could also showcase the difficulty in applying for university.

I hope to do it through ‘vlogs’ which will help capture my emotions, and also using external recording and interviewing those around me. It will capture the day to day life of 6th form whilst the countdown to university begins.


I have spent the best part of today sitting in my living room staring at luminous screens. The living room light has become an eye sore in which i relate too, and my laptop usage has become as frequent as breathing, referring to it almost naturally when my eyes get bored with whatever movie passes on the television.

Any who, good evening everyone, as you can tell, today has been very boring and i have done very little, however i have most recently added to my facebook page which you can find the link for at the bottom of this page…I did my first requested doodle. It is not too bad, i am just trying to see what works, i can tell i have a rather vivid imagination, it is just being able to work with sometimes difficult ‘dreams’.

Reading festival is a mere 4 days away and i like to think i am ready, kind of looking forward to it, I just don’t like leaving my lady friend much and seeing as it is about 4/5 days away I could die. I will be writing some stuff on it when i am back and sharing some “reading doodles”. So stay tuned.

Random people are at my house, so peace. Much love x